Matt Hank
Matt Hank
Title: Strength and Conditioning Coach
Phone: (310) 434-8584

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Strength Coach Bio:

Matt Hank is in his second year as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Santa Monica College.   Coach Hank brings over 10 years of combined experience from the professional, college and youth levels.

Coach Hank previously worked at L.A. Pierce College where he was responsible for the athletic development of 12 teams as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach.  During his tenure the athletic department achieved tremendous success winning 3 women's volleyball state championships, 3 football bowl victories, 14 conference championships , while over 100 football players received football scholarships.  Before coaching at Pierce College, Hank operated a sports performance business in Santa Clarita training various high school, club, travel, AAU and individual athletes.  Additionally he was at the collegiate level as Strength and Conditioning Coach at Cal State University Northridge and the University of San Diego.  He also spent time in professional athletics working for the Los Angeles Angels, training their minor league affiliate in Cedar Rapids Iowa.  Finally Coach Hank worked in the private setting for sports performance and physical therapy clinic in San Diego (Rehab United).

Coach Hank is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NCSA) and is USA Weightlifting Certified.  He earned his Bachelors Degree from San Diego State University and his Masters Degree from Cal State Northridge.

Coach Hank is heavily involved in the Strength and Conditioning industry.  He began creating and hosting clinics and workshops at Pierce College 5 years ago.   Currently Coach Hank is the NSCA Southern California State Director responsible for coordinating the Southern California State Clinic.

At Santa Monica College Coach Hank is a full-time faculty member who teaches both lecture and activity courses.


The number one goal of the Santa Monica Strength and Conditioning program is to keep athletes healthy and improve performance.  Here at SMC our programs are designed to improve movement quality in order to increase the durability of each athlete.  Free weight multi joint exercises are the staple for all athletic teams who train at SMC.  There is also an emphasis on explosive movements and body weight explosive (such as plyometric) drills to teach athletes how to apply force rapidly and/or at high velocities.  The coaching staff takes pride in teaching the execution for each lift or drill.  Experience has shown that athletes who are educated and understand the goals behind different drills and exercises are likely to train at a higher level and with an emphasis on technique.

Athletes learn many of their movement skills through speed, agility and quickness drills that emphasize acceleration and rapid change of direction.  Metabolic conditioning matches the demands of the sport through the manipulation of work intervals, rest intervals, movements, and distances.

Team unity, work ethic, and discipline are built into our system to help develop well rounded athletes and cohesive teams.

Athletic teams at Santa Monica College are trained by Coach Hank and his strength and conditioning staff. If you have any questions please speak with your coach first or you can contact Coach Hank at (310) 434-8584 or via e mail at